Spencerrr: Hi guys
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.Kevblast: Sorry guys that I haven't been very active. If you pop up or PM me, it may take a while for me to reply. I'll try to be more active, ok? :)

.Star.5: Guys. Guys. Its me. xD NightNeko. e u e Im hacking, Star.5, my sister's account so I can write something. xD... Dx no im jkjk I didn't hack I just know her password and yeh. q w q""" xD But anyways, what I wanted to write is: HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY TO STAR.5!!! :omg: Guys wish her happy birthday. Shes an awesome person and yeh. cx Shes half way to 30 e u e xD Okay gonna go now. Bye. c: ~NightNeko

.Star.5: Happy Easter! :D Party Games are open for today and tomorrow :D And I added a new game :D Enjoy

.Star.5: Hi guys! We're almost to 2000 users!! Just 110 more!!! Keep up the advertising cause once we hit 2000 we'll have a big party and all!!!!

.Star.5: Happy Valentine's day -NightNeko & Star (I dont even help make this site though so why add my name...? L0l ~NightNeko)

.Star.5: Happy Lunar/Chinese New Years everyone! It's the year of the horse. If you were born in 2002 than you where born in the year of the horse :D

.Star.5: Happy New Year Everyone :D

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Latest shout:
By: .lilly ¦ 25.07 19:42

Shoutout to all the haters out there. x'D
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Spencerrr: Hi guys

Spencerrr: IMMA TYPE A REALLY LONG PARAGRAPH IDK IF IT HELPS BUT OH WELL. So random stuff and crap like I hate cheese and ice cream and I love milk cos I'm weird

Spencerrr: Hmmm its not working very well

Spencerrr: Blahhh

Spencerrr: Blaahhh

Spencerrr: Me too just keep saying random stuff

.jtman: Almost on the leaderboard! R:

.jtman: XD Wow. But you do know the shoutbox refreshes with ajax right? XD I thought you were from SN! XD But admins/mods havnt been assigned yet. Lol I know who Im choosing but Im too lazy to actually do it lol Idk why Lol XD-Mega

H.Mermaid: i dont know how to make website...but i would love to learn someday :D

Mega: To code a php site I can code all that and way more

Mega: ._.

Mega: function gen_uniqueIdent($length=32){ $alphabet = str_split('abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ123456789'); $key = ''; for($loop=0;$loop<$length;$loop++){ $i = mt_rand(0,count($alphabet)-1); $key.= $alphabet[$i]; } return $key; } Assign this value to the user cookie upon login. Then store this into the db:function save_ident($identFromFunctionAbove,$authenticated_user_id){ //hash this with something unique to the user's machine $hashed = md5($identFromFunctionAbove . $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']); /** Some actions to remember this hash **/ } save that into a database correspinding with a user identity like user_id. Now upon validation of the user cookie, you can simply:function validateCookie(){ $ident = $_COOKIE['yourCookieName']; $hashed = md5($ident . $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']); /** Check if this hashed value exists in db, if it does, authenticate user **/ } You'll also need to remove the sessions after they expire or the user explicitly logs out. Of course this is very simple, and doesn't account for md5 or ident collisions. Still, getting two 32-character random generated string to be the same as one previously generated is pretty slim a also use these codes for auto login chance. Use that code on your website for auto login
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