.Project.X: I'm surprised that this website lasted this long.
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:.Star.5: Hey Guys >> IMG: B0B4ModCQAAFjAC.jpg(47.57 KB) R:

.Star.5: A little late but I found this banner I made awhile ago for getting to 2000 users. IMG: 14mtdza.jpg(40.06 KB).... Thanks guys for advertising and all :D -DFTBA-

Admin: We just got 2000 users!!!!! Omg thanks guys :) -Kevin

.Kevblast: Sorry guys that I haven't been very active. If you pop up or PM me, it may take a while for me to reply. I'll try to be more active, ok? :)

.Star.5: Guys. Guys. Its me. xD NightNeko. e u e Im hacking, Star.5, my sister's account so I can write something. xD... Dx no im jkjk I didn't hack I just know her password and yeh. q w q""" xD But anyways, what I wanted to write is: HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY TO STAR.5!!! :omg: Guys wish her happy birthday. Shes an awesome person and yeh. cx Shes half way to 30 e u e xD Okay gonna go now. Bye. c: ~NightNeko :

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By: .gageelder ¦ 21.10 13:59

hello everyone. if u have a xbox and wanna play cod with send me ur gamertag in a pm or POP-UP!
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.Project.X: I'm surprised that this website lasted this long.

.Star.5: I meant hi not Hello everyone lol

.Star.5: welcome back LeCatBug :D//Hello everyone! TheTruth :D Flameo :D

TheTruth: Flameo hot-men

TheTruth: And I'm kinda back not really lol

.NightNeko: LeCatBug :omg:

.LeCatBug: Guess Who's Back?

.H.Mermaid: Ignorance is your new best friend! ♪

.NightNeko: Bye bye ya rotten potato. <3

.Star.5: **Flameo**

.Star.5: okay lol Flame till then my good Hotman(or feeble turtleduck)

.NightNeko: So you better start watching Akame Ga Kill as well < m <"""

.NightNeko: Star i'm just gonna watch Sword Art Online now T w T"""

.NightNeko: It hates me and wont open the URL option
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