.Pebbles: Nobody is werid they are random.Nobody is stupid they are just smart or stubborn.
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.Star.5: Happy Easter! :D Party Games are open for today and tomorrow :D And I added a new game :D Enjoy

.Star.5: Hi guys! We're almost to 2000 users!! Just 110 more!!! Keep up the advertising cause once we hit 2000 we'll have a big party and all!!!!

.Star.5: Happy Valentine's day -NightNeko & Star (I dont even help make this site though so why add my name...? L0l ~NightNeko)

.Star.5: Happy Lunar/Chinese New Years everyone! It's the year of the horse. If you were born in 2002 than you where born in the year of the horse :D

.Star.5: Happy New Year Everyone :D

.Kevblast: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVERYONE! Me and Star.5 finished the "Christmas Tree Exchange" go check it out, it's under 'Important' section of the site! And You can buy Christmas icon in the shop.

.Kevblast: Wow! Christmas is like right around the corner! So excited! :) Me and Star.5 planned some pretty cool stuff that you WILL like, so be here on the 24th!

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By: .Star.5 ¦ 19.04 20:25

Party games are open! :D If you can't find the page it's under Rules on the homepage
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.Pebbles: Nobody is werid they are random.Nobody is stupid they are just smart or stubborn.

BloodyEmo: ok fine i admit im weird n s.t.u.p.i.d

.Pebbles: Ô_Ô?

ObeyCrush: è.ê That doesn't make me weird just because you say or think so. Way to label people without knowing them.

BloodyEmo: cuz i said u r weird, and it just came on my mind @Obeycrush

.Pebbles: Okay :(

.BrokenWing: ~gone~

.Pebbles: Heyy.

.BrokenWing: bleeeeh

.Pebbles: Finally I has a pretty picture of me on my profile! RB:

ObeyCrush: Lol how am I weird?

RagingBull: Never mind...it's fine now. Something bad was about to happen...but it is fine now

.Project.X: Wow the website hasn't changed a bit... Thats bad!!

.NightNeko: Sure I guess, why do you need to be banned though? @RaigingBull

RagingBull: can someone ban me for 7 hours? I have something i need to take care of
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