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:.Kevblast: Ok ok ok ok... I'm sorry! I know I've talked about the new site MONTHS ago...! I've been fairly busy and still am with school and work. I'm trying to get the website started asap and logos are already getting designed! I have decided I will not release this website to public until version 1.0 is fully completed. I will need testers which I will get once we get close to that time. The new website will start as a phone version and hopefully make its way to a computer version as well if it gets successful enough. So far I've decided for the site to have fun features such as a status update (of course) with a nice layout on the homepage, profiles, private messaging, and following people. This will be a big project so I will need time and support from you guys to stick with me. Thank you for waiting and expect this to be hopefully released sometime in 2016. Stay in touch! -Kevin

.Star.5: Probably a good idea to move Kevin's 'New site' msg to up here :) :
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Please read: around 3.5 years ago I was just this bored kid with a DSi. I sat down and thought if you're able to chat with other people who also have DSi's so I googled it and found dark tails. I was on there for a while and ended up making dsifans123. Weebly . com and I enjoyed creating websites until I decide to take it to the next level. I found wapka and created a website that never become popular as I didn't know much code back then. So I kept making lots of new websites and made new friends throughout this process. After awhile I made 3dsiclub which I was very proud of and actually become popular. It kept getting hacked so one night I was just like screw it! And I made this websit which has now reached 2200 users!!!! Which is so insane to me and it's very sad seeing this website die down like this. I got people to help advertise but I guess not much has changed. I made lots of really nice online friends. You guys know who you are... and I just want to say THANK YOU for sticking with me and throughout my crazy ideas :D I'm thinking right know of creating a new fully coded website which I'm thinking will be for all devices PCs to a mobile version. I still have my backup from socialclub which could be used for the Mobile version but of course it'll get tweaked. If you are wanting to help me with this big project and actually know HTML, CSS, PHP or JAVASCRIPT you can PM me and we may talk. If you have anymore questions or ideas pm me or let's start a convo here in the shoutbox :)
P.S: I'm a busy person with work and school so I'm always available which is why I need people to help and comit to help with this project.

.Star.5: Happy Valentine's day :D

.Star.5: 2015 is here! Happy new Year!!! :D

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.Juvan: Cool

.lilly: This site wasn't very active tbh

SolidSnak3: I always consider 2012 and 13 "The good ol' days. Back when 3P had a ton of active users and this site had alot of users.

SolidSnak3: Thank you for the good memories. This and 3dsplaza. Both of you had a good run, but all good things must come to an end.

SolidSnak3: It's been 3 years man. 3 damn years. Im sorry i havent gotten on here in that long. 3DSPlaza is nearly dead so im pretty much here to plant flowers on the grave...

SolidSnak3: Then we share the same thoughts, kevin

.Juvan: ...k

.Kevblast: Remember the days when this website was like the big thing... daaang I miss that.

.Juvan: Scrubss

.miguel: I do from tiiiiiiiiiiiime to tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime just to see whats up

.Project.X: People still visit this bloody website?

.miguel: When you havent been on in about i forgot how many days i was out

alennaoxo: Whaaaaat. Lies

alennaoxo: Hello 3DSiRox
I just broke a rule and probably need to be banned for either:
•Or other rule breaking!

XDroneZ79X: Who here is ready to...BELIEVE?????
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