.miss.mitts: Ok c:
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.Kevblast: Sorry guys that I haven't been very active. If you pop up or PM me, it may take a while for me to reply. I'll try to be more active, ok? :)

.Star.5: Guys. Guys. Its me. xD NightNeko. e u e Im hacking, Star.5, my sister's account so I can write something. xD... Dx no im jkjk I didn't hack I just know her password and yeh. q w q""" xD But anyways, what I wanted to write is: HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY TO STAR.5!!! :omg: Guys wish her happy birthday. Shes an awesome person and yeh. cx Shes half way to 30 e u e xD Okay gonna go now. Bye. c: ~NightNeko

.Star.5: Happy Easter! :D Party Games are open for today and tomorrow :D And I added a new game :D Enjoy

.Star.5: Hi guys! We're almost to 2000 users!! Just 110 more!!! Keep up the advertising cause once we hit 2000 we'll have a big party and all!!!!

.Star.5: Happy Valentine's day -NightNeko & Star (I dont even help make this site though so why add my name...? L0l ~NightNeko)

.Star.5: Happy Lunar/Chinese New Years everyone! It's the year of the horse. If you were born in 2002 than you where born in the year of the horse :D

.Star.5: Happy New Year Everyone :D

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By: .lilly ¦ 22.07 00:06

Karma. <3
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.miss.mitts: Ok c:

Glaspell: its fine lol

.miss.mitts: Sorry x)

Glaspell: ok lol

.miss.mitts: Oh sorry lol my thing accidentally pasted ur name and I was trying to push back....and a ya lol

Glaspell: hello

.miss.mitts: Glaspell

.lilly: Bye.

.miss.mitts: I gtg gotta take a shower

.lilly: Pretty. I hate you. .n.

.lilly: Nooo. .m.

.miss.mitts: Goldfish? -eats goldfish- yummm ouo

.lilly: Lalalala lalalala Elmo's world Lalalala lalalala Elmo's world Elmo loves his goldfish His crayons too Dadada That's elmo's WORLD YEAH .w.
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