.TurtleCat: Some girls get pushed over everyday because they dont want to be bullied so bad again Example: TurtleCat -.-
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:.Star.5: Hey Guys >> IMG: B0B4ModCQAAFjAC.jpg(47.57 KB) R:

.Star.5: A little late but I found this banner I made awhile ago for getting to 2000 users. IMG: 14mtdza.jpg(40.06 KB).... Thanks guys for advertising and all :D -DFTBA-

Admin: We just got 2000 users!!!!! Omg thanks guys :) -Kevin

.Kevblast: Sorry guys that I haven't been very active. If you pop up or PM me, it may take a while for me to reply. I'll try to be more active, ok? :)

.Star.5: Guys. Guys. Its me. xD NightNeko. e u e Im hacking, Star.5, my sister's account so I can write something. xD... Dx no im jkjk I didn't hack I just know her password and yeh. q w q""" xD But anyways, what I wanted to write is: HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY TO STAR.5!!! :omg: Guys wish her happy birthday. Shes an awesome person and yeh. cx Shes half way to 30 e u e xD Okay gonna go now. Bye. c: ~NightNeko :

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By: .gageelder ¦ 21.10 13:59

hello everyone. if u have a xbox and wanna play cod with send me ur gamertag in a pm or POP-UP!
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.TurtleCat: Some girls get pushed over everyday because they dont want to be bullied so bad again Example: TurtleCat -.-

.gageelder: *people (i said me instead of people the firs time i said me)

.gageelder: #1 just call me gage #2 i know girls are important to me there is a girl important to me.

.You_Jelly: well some girls are important to people and will do anything for them gageelder

.gageelder: aww your talking about your love life that noone probably cares about so please stop talking about it @peach /// damn that is sooo sad, its wierd how people will go so low to girls now-a-days @turtlecat

.peach12345: Mine and chase combo aka my sugar bear him I love you me I want candy him awe I'll get you candy me I already have the sweetest thing on earth its you him awwe

.TurtleCat: this is BS v.v

.TurtleCat: h.mermaid isnt here right now xC like... thats all you care about you dont care about your own best friend...or are we even friends? cuz it sure doesn't look like it i feel like just because we broke up you dont even care..... tommy seems like he cares more than you and i barely know him is it even worth living if my own best friend doesn't give a care in the world about me now? because i feel like it doesn't xc i guess i dont get that hug now do i? :'C well...fine...whatever...im such a failure at life everyone calls me fat or ugly or stupid or...basically anything negative you can think of.... once i was wearing eyeliner to school for the first time because i never wore makeup and i just wanted to try it out... "why you wearing make-up?" my brother said as he looked at me disgusted. "because shes TRYING to look pretty" his friend said :c of course i walked away i never wore it since. today i tell a girl she was skinny like...compliment then she goes and tells me im ugly i mean seriously what is her problem xc i swear people are trying do kill others these days.... i hate my life -.-

.Tommy: Trust me. Goodnight -gone-

.Tommy: Its not about u dude :)

Jordan123: tommy... really man no offense but please dont comment on my conversation because thats how arguements start

.Tommy: Tragic...

Jordan123: turtlecat can you get mermaid? ill give you a hug if you do

.Tommy: Oh

.TurtleCat: not funnii :'C *curls up into a ball*
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